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What can we learn from a word, a gesture, a tone of voice? Methods of both verbal and non-verbal communication vary from culture to culture and generation to generation; yet our fast-moving world demands that people of widely diverse backgrounds must be able to express themselves clearly and understand each others' viewpoints. Communication majors study communication processes at the individual, interpersonal, organizational and societal levels. They analyze message delivery systems, the role of the media and the effectiveness of public education campaigns. At UC Davis, a special focus of the program is research into bridging cross-cultural communication gaps.


Since communication is an important facet of social relationships, your study will begin with a series of courses in a range of social sciences, such as anthropology, psychology and sociology. At the upper division level, you will focus more on communication theory, specific communication processes and the role and effects of mass media. As a communication major, you'll have the opportunity to participate in exciting internships in such areas as broadcast and print media, health education campaigns and advertising or public relations work.

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Katie Watanabe
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