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Want a job? Look at professionals who have the one you want and study their career paths. That’s just what managerial economics majors did recently at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics’ Student-Alumni Career Day.

At the annual event held on Nov. 4, alumni shared their experiences as managerial economics majors —  the campus’s business major — and led workshops on career-building tips.

Students in this popular major learned about careers in marketing, agribusiness, supply-chain management, consulting, data analytics, finance and risk management.  Workshop topics ranged from internships to building self-confidence, and some focused on skills needed for specific careers.

How to get that first job

Amber Ofiesh ’13, an accounting program developer at State Street Bank, told students about struggles to land her first job. Through the support of friends, family and resources on campus, she ultimately had success.

I think this event is great. The students are getting useful tools and advice that can help them decide what they can do with their major, what they’re going to expect when they enter the workforce, and how to really land that first job and make a good impression. — Amber Ofiesh ’13

In a human resources workshop, Andrea Salah ’13, a mergers and acquisitions technical recruiter at Facebook, says, “You really can do anything with this major” — even go into human resources, not a common career track for managerial economics students.

Salah told students to keep an open mind about what kind of job they might find immediately after graduation.

“Your first job is not your only job,” she says. “Whatever you do right out of college is not going to shape every single job after that.”

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Maria Akhter ’18, an economics and comparative literature double major, is an intern for UC Davis Strategic Communications. She enjoys connecting with her campus community through writing.


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