6 UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education Programs That Boost Careers

Benefits for Aggies

If you’re a member of the Student Alumni Association, you’re eligible to enroll in one business course at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education for free.

Members of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association receive a $50 discount on courses.

You just graduated, or you’re about to, and feel ready to join the working world and start earning the big bucks. School is definitely over for you, right? We at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education are here to tell you that may not be the case.

Graduates sometimes discover a cool job opening, but don’t have the right (or enough) education to land the position. This is where UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education can provide the additional training you need that your major and other education didn’t provide.

We train specifically for many professions and industries. Our instructors know the subjects inside and out because they are experts in the fields you want to join. You’ll also have opportunities to learn online as well as in classroom environments.

Check out these courses and programs that can offer serious career-boosting benefits:

1. Forensic science grads from UC Davis get jobs

Cue the Law and Order theme song. Our Forensic Science Graduate Program is a part- or full-time Master of Science program that delves into the science behind the real CSI. You learn the science while getting hands-on experience and end up with directly transferable skills that can be used on the job.

Recalling the UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education program to be “two and a half years well spent,” graduate Genevieve Reilmann now works in the Santa Cruz County Sheriff-Coroner’s Office as a coroner forensic technician.

Like Genevieve, 90 percent of graduates from the forensics program are working directly in forensics science, either for local, state, federal or private crime labs, at a DNA testing facility, or within law enforcement.

2. Accounting is almost a recession-proof career

Finding tax exemptions, rather than evidence at a crime scene, more your speed? Our accounting courses and programs can serve a wide audience.

“Accounting is almost a ‘recession proof’ industry,” says Terri Taylor, a recent graduate from the Accounting Essentials Certificate Program. “They [accountants] are always going to be necessary.”

Terri’s comments are supported by the jobs site, Glassdoor, which found that accounting is among 11 jobs that are less likely to suffer losses during a down economy.

Whether you’re a managerial economics graduate looking to become a certified public accountant or someone who just wants to crunch numbers as a career, our accounting courses can help bridge any gaps in your education before you head out into the working world.

You’ll also learn from practicing accountants, who provide a useful link between the academic and practical aspects of accounting.

“Getting real-world training is extremely valuable,” adds Terri. “The quality and accessibility of the instructors really made a difference. ... If they were just strict academics, I don’t think they’d be able to answer all the questions you need [answered].”

3. Become a highly desirable paralegal

Taught by practicing attorneys, the Paralegal Studies Certificate Program is a six-month online program that offers the fundamental skills necessary to work in the high-demand field of law.

Given the financial hurdle often associated with traditional law school, earning a certificate in paralegal studies — which costs about a 10th of the average tuition at a public law school — is an affordable alternative if you’re interested in pursuing a legal career.

Obtaining a paralegal certificate can also help you earn a more competitive salary, right out the gate. As one paralegal studies graduate, Rachel Eckhardt, explains:

The program absolutely gave me a competitive edge and allowed me to command a higher salary than I had as an uncertified legal assistant.

4. Join the craft brewing renaissance

Kevin Wright working with brewing equipment
Master Brewers Program graduate Kevin Wright uses a centrifuge to make beer. (Courtesy photo)

Our Master Brewers programs can help you turn a passion for beer into a rewarding career. The craft brewing industry is booming, having contributed $55.7 billion to the U.S. economy in 2014.

The Sacramento region alone has been experiencing a craft brew renaissance, with seven new breweries scheduled to open by 2018, according to the Sacramento Business Journal.

Kevin Wright, a graduate of our Master Brewers Program and founder and brewmaster at Third Space Brewing in Milwaukee, credits the program with getting him “on a career path — not just a job, a lifelong brewing career.”

5. Project management and business analysis skills

If you see yourself thriving in the world of business and want to place yourself in the best possible position to land a great job out of college, combining your degree with additional practical training is a good way to set yourself apart from the crowd of fellow graduates.

Project management and business analysis skills are in demand across industries, and the ability to effectively manage projects or processes early on is a highly marketable asset. The assignments and projects in these programs will give you demonstrated skills and experience that employers want.

6. Digital marketing skills will get you jobs

Mondo, the largest national staffing agency specializing in high-end IT, tech and digital marketing talent, identified the five digital skills for a marketing team to succeed in 2017: Data analysis, basic HTML/CSS, marketing automation tool mastery, content marketing and search-engine optimization.

In partnership with Coursera, UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education currently offers self-paced, online courses in many of those high-demand digital marketing disciplines: “The Strategy of Content Marketing,” “Introduction to Web Development” and “SEO Specialization.” With free and low-cost options available, you could quickly and affordably bring some valuable skills to the interview table — even on a college student’s budget.

As two people who work at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education, we see the impact our programs and courses have on our students. We witness students every day making choices that will advance their career. So do yourself a favor. Check out UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education. Join us at a free information session, and say “hi” when you pass our booth at Grad Fair or Picnic Day.

Most of all, we hope you’ll think of us when you’re contemplating how to begin or advance your career.

Gina Reed, a project manager, and Phil Wade, a senior editor, are part of the marketing team at UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education, where they promote continuing and professional education opportunities to lifelong learners around the globe.

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