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By Maria Akhter on December 13, 2017

Get inspired by what our UC Davis biochemistry and molecular biology majors are doing in their careers. The College of Biological Sciences also collects alumni stories that show the many paths its students have taken since graduation. Check them out, too.

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Flora Rutaganira ’10, biochemistry and molecular biology

Biochemistry and molecular biology major Flora Rutaganira
Flora Rutaganira

For some students, the path after graduation involves seeking out a full-time job. But for alum Flora Rutaganira, the path to success has always involved research.

Flora works as a postdoctoral research fellow at UC Berkeley, where she studies marine organisms that might hold the key to understanding the evolution of animals.

She credits her undergraduate experience as a biochemistry and molecular biology student as the important step in preparing her for graduate school and beyond.

“The training that I received at UC Davis in the classroom and through research prepared me well for pursuing academic research,” Flora says. “Being an Aggie shaped my career path. I can say that I really appreciate the coursework and the opportunity to participate in many different kinds of research projects. These two things were very critical for me getting into graduate school and proceeding on my academic research career path.”

As an undergraduate, Flora held several different research internships in labs related to cell-signaling. These internships prepared her for the work she does now with multicellular and single-celled organisms found in oceans or freshwater.

Flora also has a Ph.D. in chemistry and chemical biology from UC San Francisco, and her ultimate aim is to take her background in research and academia and become a professor at a research university.

Read more about Flora’s story.

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