Christine Kreuder Johnson

Professor and Associate Director of the One Health Institute

Medicine & Epidemiology, School of Veterinary Medicine

Christine Kreuder Johnson, an associate director of the One Health Institute, leads the EpiCenter for Disease Dynamics. She oversees animal and human surveillance for the PREDICT project.

Brian Bird

Lead of Ebola Host Project

One Health Institute, School of Veterinary Medicine

Brian Bird leads the Ebola Host Project for PREDICT. Before joining UC Davis, he was with the Viral Special Pathogens Branch of the Centers for Disease Control responding to disease outbreaks, including the 2014 Ebola outbreak in West Africa.

David Rizzo

Professor and Chair

Plant Pathology, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

David Rizzo is a professor and plant pathologist studying forests ecosystems. He is passionate about OneHealth — how human, animal, and environmental health integrate into one global health network. He helped establish the major in Global Disease Biology at UC Davis.

Michael Turelli

Distinguished Professor

Evolution and Ecology, Center for Population Biology, College of Biological Sciences

Michael Turelli is a quantitative geneticist and evolutionary biologist. His pioneering work in mathematical biology provided the theoretical basis for using Wolbachia bacteria could spread through a population of mosquitoes as a way to control vector-borne diseases such as Dengue fever. This work has been put into practice to control Dengue fever in Australia and South-east Asia.

Karen McDonald

Professor and Faculty Director of the ADVANCE Program

Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering

Karen McDonald is a chemical engineer studying biofuels and biopharmaceuticals. She is especially interested in using plant cells and tissues in biotechnology, including developing ways to produce Zmapp, a drug for Ebola, using bioreactors.

Jonna Mazet

Professor, Executive Director of the One Health Institute and PREDICT program

Medicine & Epidemiology, One Health Institute, School of Veterinary Medicine

Jonna Mazet began her career as a wildlife veterinarian and recognized how diseases in wildlife could be related to global health problems. As executive director of the One Health Institute at UC Davis, Jonna Mazet oversees operations to understand emergence, impact and prevention of diseases at the interface of animals, humans and the environment.

Satya Dandekar

Professor and Chair of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Medical Microbiology and Immunology, School of Medicine

Satya Dandekar studies HIV and the closely related virus of monkeys, SIV. Her work has shown that the gut mucosa is an early target for HIV and that gut tissues play an important role in the development of HIV infections.

Michael Wilkes

Professor, Director of Global Health

Internal Medicine, School of Medicine

Michael Wilkes is known for his efforts to introduce medical students to the humanistic side of being a physician and for working to include public health and social sciences the training of physicians. He works closely with faculty in the School of Veterinary Medicine, School of Nursing and other schools and colleges on global health initiatives including the Rx One Health program for training graduate and professional students in global health.

Gregory Lanzaro


Pathology, Microbiology and Immunology, School of Veterinary Medicine

Gregory Lanzaro studies the population genetics and genomics of mosquitoes that carry human malaria in Africa and South America. He is a co-principal investigator on projects with other UC researchers to use “gene drive” technology to control malaria transmission.