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Health Informatics

Graduate Studies

  • Master of Science

Students in the Health Informatics Graduate Group gain advanced knowledge of storing, retrieving, and interpreting medical and health information essential for health professionals and scientists. The program offers advanced training in biomedical and health informatics aligned with the current skills, environments, and health needs of the local and national community, for students to develop as independent and applied professionals for broad future careers. Areas of focused training include disease management and the Internet, decision support systems, the human-computer interaction and interfaces, the electronic medical record systems, telemedicine, standardized medical terminology and messaging systems, security of health care systems, and the privacy of patient data essential for careers as health informaticists. Areas of possible research include digital and consumer health, clinical decision support and data sciences in health, systems architecture in clinical health IT, and patient privacy data standardization. Program faculty are members of UC Davis’ highly regarded School of Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, College of Engineering, and state-of-the art Genome Center, creating a rich environment that parallels the diversity found within this exciting field of study.

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