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Education (Credential/M.A.)

School of Education

  • Master of Arts
  • Teaching Credential

The School of Education offers credential/M.A. programs to prepare elementary teachers and secondary teachers in the following areas: agriculture and vocational agriculture specialist, English, mathematics, science, and social sciences. The program offers the bilingual authorization, which authorizes credential candidates to provide instruction in Spanish and English to students who are English language learners. During the first academic year students fulfill all requirements to receive their credential. They take classes at UC Davis while student teaching in order to put course content and theory into action. Credential students take classes in cohorts encouraging close interactions among students and faculty. Program faculty members are highly experienced (former expert teachers) and tailor their student teaching supervision to the individual needs of credential students. Upon meeting credential requirements, students may choose to complete the M.A. requirements in two additional part-time quarters. This program aims to develop teacher leaders who view student achievement through the lens of classroom-based inquiry, reflect about their practice to improve student learning, and advocate for educational equity.

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