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Child Development

Graduate Studies

  • Master of Science

This interdisciplinary program provides an in-depth examination of human behavioral development from infancy through adolescence as a basis for developing new and applying existing knowledge. It provides an in-depth examination of cognitive, biological, and socio-emotional development from infancy through adolescence studied in multiple contexts. The course offerings and research activities of the group are broadly based and draw upon the interests and expertise of faculty members from a variety of departments including anthropology, education, human development, nutrition, pediatrics, psychiatry and psychology. The curriculum provides opportunities to study a wide range of topics such as cross-cultural development, brain and behavior, parenting and nutrition, social-emotional development, language and intellectual development, memory systems, genes and environments, physiological correlates of behavior, and research methods in human growth and development. The curriculum emphasizes a balance of research, theory, methodology, and practical, supervised experience in settings such as early childhood programs, elementary and secondary schools, hospitals, and other facilities serving children and families.

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