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Applied Mathematics

Graduate Studies

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Arts

The Applied Mathematics Graduate Group is an interdisciplinary group of over 90 faculty and is recognized for the mathematical rigor of its programs and its dynamic research atmosphere. The program is targeted for students who are attracted to mathematics, but who also wish to apply mathematical ideas to advance our understanding of science and engineering. The program admits qualified students with a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, physics, chemistry, engineering, economics, the life sciences, and related fields. Students gain advanced knowledge of differential geometry; topology; differential equations; solid and fluid dynamics; biology; atmospheric sciences; mechanics; optimization and control; theoretical chemistry; computer and engineering sciences; mathematical physics; signal and image processing; harmonic analysis, numerical analysis and nonlinear partial differential equations; and applied mathematical analysis. The program allows graduate students to pursue research in more than 20 departments and programs including mathematics; geology; physics; statistics; evolution and ecology; environmental science and policy; land, air, and water resources; applied science; computer science; biomedical engineering; chemical engineering and material science; civil and environmental engineering; electrical and computer engineering; mechanical and aeronautical engineering; anesthesiology and pain medicine; neurobiology, physiology and behavior; and radiology.

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