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School of Medicine

  • Doctor of Philosophy
  • Master of Science

Epidemiology combines concepts and methods in biology, economics, mathematics, and statistics with the goals of understanding the distribution and determinants of disease, injury, and impaired productivity in populations, and recommending actions for prevention or control. The program provides rigorous training in the principles and practice of epidemiology with an emphasis on quantitative analytic methods and the mentoring of novel epidemiologic research. Areas of emphasis include infectious disease epidemiology; wildlife epidemiology; zoonotic and vector-borne diseases; epidemiologic methods and biostatistics; occupational and environmental epidemiology; nutritional epidemiology; health services and health economics; social and behavioral epidemiology; and reproductive, perinatal, pediatric, and developmental epidemiology. UC Davis offers a unique blend of research facilities in the schools of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine, the California Regional Primate Research Center, the Center for Health and the Environment, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, and the Division of Mathematical and Physical Sciences.

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