Give Day Eggheads Edition

DEVAR Egghead-theme Give Day design

Event Date

Give Day features a $20,000 challenge gift for the Manetti Shrem Arts Conservation Fund, with funds used to preserve and recover public art installations on campus, including the Eggheads. Arts at UC Davis are well represented during the annual university-wide fundraising event, with a dedicated page on the Give Day website to drive donations and visibility to arts initiatives that will benefit from funding. 

DEVAR will promote the celebration of the Eggheads at UC Davis with a special limited edition 2024 Give Day t-shirt featuring Egghead artwork. Shirts are proudly worn by 300 to 400 people on campus during Picnic Day, including DEVAR and UC Davis Cal Aggie Alumni Association staff, Give Day volunteers and UC Davis senior leadership, to enhance Give Day enthusiasm, visibility and UC Davis pride.

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