Face-Covering Availability; COVID-19 Reporting Protocol

A man in face mask, works at sewing machine, making face masks.
Students including Richard Takiar are supplementing the campus’s supply of face masks, producing them at the Craft Center. (Jared Tolla/UC Davis)

Face coverings, now required by Yolo County, are available in limited supply for UC Davis employees who continue to work on campus, and who do not have suitable coverings of their own.

The campus also is reminding staff, faculty and students of the reporting protocols should they or immediate family members or colleagues test positive for COVID-19. The Davis campus and UC Davis Health have different protocols.

Face coverings

Woman sews face mask at sewing machine.
Student Sara Jimenez aids the fight against COVID-19, sewing masks at the Craft Center.

The limited supply, available to departments, includes three-ply tie-on masks, three-ply elastic ear loop masks, and double-layer, tie-on masks being produced by student employees at the UC Davis Craft Center.

Departments in need of these coverings should have a single representative complete this Face Covering Request Form indicating how many people they currently have working on campus as well as the total number of face coverings they will need for employees unable to provide their own.

Once a request has been reviewed and approved, the department representative will be notified that the coverings are available for pick-up at the Hopkins Services Complex, 615 Hopkins Road, west of Highway 113.

The county declared last Friday (April 24) that face coverings must be worn in public settings and need not be traditional masks. “There are several options for face coverings as long as they cover the nose and mouth," officials said in a news release. “Face coverings can be made from a variety of cloth materials, such as bandanas, scarves, T-shirts, sweatshirts or towels."

How to report positive tests

In a March 17 email, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Ralph J. Hexter said “the campus has an obligation to review, verify and report" positive COVID-19 tests within the community.

When you have personal knowledge of testing positive yourself for COVID-19, or an immediate family member testing positive, or know of a colleague who has tested positive, please contact the offices or people listed below, immediately:

Davis campus

Then, in a second step for the Davis campus:

UC Davis Health

Protecting privacy

Said Hexter: “By adhering to this protocol, you help the university protect the individual’s right to privacy and protect the community. The university will then communicate potential COVID exposure to all members of the community without compromising the privacy and confidentiality of an individual person’s diagnosis.

“To promote calm, swift and accurate community notification, we ask that you not share such information beyond the above contact points. The campus will activate its notification protocol to ensure the campus community is rapidly and accurately advised.”

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