To participate in commencement, you must register (or petition) by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 22. Students must log in with their Kerberos log-in and password to access the system.


Any undergraduate student who has completed the 150 units required at the end of the previous fall quarter, and who has not already participated in an undergraduate commencement ceremony, is eligible and welcome to participate in the Spring Undergraduate Commencement. If you do not meet the minimum unit requirements, you are required to petition to participate in the ceremony through the registration system (see below). 

Any student who expects to receive a degree in September or December is encouraged to participate in the Fall Commencement instead, closer to the completion of your studies. Typically the Fall is a smaller ceremony and allows for students to invite more guests.


To officially graduate and receive your diploma, you must file a graduation application online for the term in which you will graduate during the appropriate filing periods with the Office of the Registrar.


  • The ceremony is estimated to last no more than two hours and will include short addresses by distinguished speakers, the conferring of degrees, and the recessional..
  • The ceremony will begin promptly with the entry of graduates and academic procession. Members of the official party will sit on stage; graduates will be seated in chairs on the main floor facing the stage.
  • Each graduate will be presented on stage, receive a certificate and return to his/her/their seat. 
  • COMING SOON: Official commencement photographer information.
  • The stage party and faculty lead the recessional, followed by the graduates.
  • Specific directions for assembly will be distributed to registered students.


Commencement is a time to celebrate and enjoy your achievement. It is also a time to reflect on that achievement and to acknowledge the help and support provided by family, friends, faculty and staff. You are asked to honor the spirit of this important occasion by conducting yourself in a manner that is respectful of your guests and the guests of others, of your fellow graduates and of yourself.

Any student perceived as being under the influence of alcohol or drugs may be detained or removed from the ceremony by staff and/or security for further investigation.

University policy prohibits the unlawful use, sale, distribution, dispensing or possession of alcohol or controlled substances by students on University premises and at official University functions. Students shall not use illegal substances or abuse legal substances in a manner that impairs scholarly activities or student life. (Adapted from UCD P&P Manual Chapter 380, Section 1 8). Students violating this policy may be excluded from privileges and activities when there is reasonable cause to believe that their conduct:

1) threatens the safety of themselves and others on University property or at University functions; and

2) disrupts the orderly operations of the campus.

(Adapted from UC Board of Regents Policy on Student Conduct & Discipline)