‘Representation Must Be Purposeful’

At UC Davis Magazine, we already have some practices in place to tell stories and show images of a truly diverse community.

This involves careful consideration of who is featured on the covers, but also all story topics, all visuals, who is interviewed as sources and who is writing the articles.

During editorial planning meetings, we discuss the range of DEI — race and gender, of course, but also age, ability, body type, sexual orientation and much more. We regularly ask, “How do we include all voices?”

We also are mindful of more than just metrics and quantity of representation. Our process has become much more collaborative so that each project is not just the brainchild of one person or point of view. Representation must be purposeful and authentic — and that often requires additional input and collaboration.

 I’m proud that our website, debuted in 2018, is a testament to our better practices. And we are committed to our continued progress in DEI.

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