Positive Relationships Become Positive Reinforcement

DEI is the newest name of an idea that has been fought for by minority groups and individuals for years. As a Hispanic photographer for 25 years, I have on numerous occasions been the only minority face in the room whether as an employee or on assignment for my employer.

I have grown to know that my positive personal interactions and my work are positive reinforcements for the ideas of diversity, equity and inclusion.   

The communication that builds off these positive relationships enables me to capture images that push forward and embody the ideas of DEI, like a rainbow flag worn in a hat on National Coming Out Day; a blind college student working with 3-dimensional molecular models; or long, painted nails as they type on a laptop that is laden with engineering stickers.   

It is the act of listening that leads me to the image. Sometimes the subject is not comfortable with being the focus of an image. Their reasons direct me to ask those same questions of my next subjects to ensure that they are comfortable with being photographed.   

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