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By Karen Nikos-Rose on March 7, 2018

with Michael French, College of Letters and Science

Susan Avila, professor of design, has made invaluable (and beautiful) contributions to a new book series on fiber art.

Fiber Art
Wearable Art, courtesy of Schiffer Publishing

Artistry in Fiber by Anna Lee and E. Ashley Rooney, is a three-book series that includes a volume titled Wearable Art featuring a foreword by Avila. Examples of Avila’s work appear in all three books. The series invites readers to re-examine fiber art through a multifaceted contemporary lens.

Avila offers insights into what wearable art means and how fibers play into that combination.

“My work bridges the areas of craft, design, and fashion, and I like to repurpose waste materials in my work,”  Avila said in an interview.  “I often examine contemporary society, and it helps people get a new perception on things they might be used to seeing through a different sort of lens.”

In a dress design, for example, she illustrates women’s diseases. Intrigued? She explains in this interview:

Published by Schiffer Publishing, the series also includes the books Wall Art which features work by Gyongy Laky (professor emeritus) and Sculpture.  Wearable Art also includes work by Rebecca Wendlandt (UC Davis design alumna).