A Mural, Art Show and Sale by Artist Danielle Fodor

mural in Davis
Davis artist Danielle Fodor created a mural on display in downtown Davis honoring "Might Moms." She also has a show and sale this week and weekend.

UC Davis alumna artist Danielle Fodor, of Davis, has finished her #plan4resilience project and is holding a farewell art show before she moves to Washington.

The last mural in the #plan4resilience was painted on May 4 in front of the Varsity Theater by artist Dianna Craig. "Mighty Moms'' was designed in honor of her mom and all the women whose essential work keeps our society — and families — running.

Danielle Fodor, artist

This pavement painting is the last in the #plan4resilience project by Fodor. #Plan4resilience was created during the pandemic and it commissioned economically impacted local artists to create three-day murals out of sidewalk chalk and temporary, washable, tempera and clay-based paints, around the theme “Plan for Resilience.” The project was funded by the City Davis Arts & Cultural Affairs program.

Fodor is hosting a pop-up art show and farewell reception to share her art ranging from when she first moved to Davis as an art student in the 1990s to pieces she created in the last month. The show will include a variety of styles and mediums, including original drawings from Davis murals, Pillbug comics, paper mâche masks, altered toys, political posters, pastels, pen-and-ink drawings, greeting cards, and acrylic paintings on plywood and canvas.

Show and Sale, Davis

Where: 2550 Sycamore Lane, #8C. #8C is in a yellow building on the corner of Antelope and Quail, nearby a “Black Lives Matter” sign. You can bike, walk, or bus. If you drive, please park streetside or in unreserved spaces in the lot.

When: Tuesday, May 11 through Sunday, May 16: 2 p.m. - 7 p.m.

The show will be held at her house from Tuesday, May 11 to Sunday, May 16, from 2 p.m. to 7p.m. 

Fodor will be selling many of her pieces at 10 to 50 percent off her normal prices. 

COVID protocols: Show is indoors, with windows/doors open, and house fan on for air flow. Masks are required and hands must be sanitized before entering. Numbers will be kept small inside. 



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Top photo: Davis artist Danielle Fodor created a resilience project. The latest part of the project, created by artist Dianna Craig, is on display in downtown Davis in front of the Varsity Theater honoring "Mighty Moms." She also has a show and sale this week and weekend.

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