Lunchable: Visit the Hounds at the Library

UC Davis Library's Lower Floor

Two Standing Greyhounds. Bronze on marble base, after Emmanuel Fremiet. France, no date. (Courtesy of UC Davis Library)

Lunchable is a feature of the UC Davis Arts Blog that recommends art exhibitions or other attractions that can be viewed during a short lunch break or other short periods of free time. Shields Library summer hours are Monday  Friday, 7:30 a.m.  8 p.m. and Sundays, 1 – 7 p.m.

Do you love dogs? Are you in need of a happiness boost, or just want to look at some cute and unique art? Shields Library has the perfect dog-themed art exhibit for any dog-lovers or people in search of some refreshing and interesting art pieces. Even if you can't pet them.

Shields Library first introduced the library hounds to the Davis public in August 2018. The Fleetfield Gallery resides on the lower level of the library to the right of the main staircase and is free of charge to the public. 

The permanent dog-themed exhibit was donated by the Sheila Grant Fleetfield Dog Museum and Library in 2018. Despite its permanent residency status, the art exhibit is in constant rotation throughout the year. You are sure to find new and intriguing items in each of your visits.

Medieval animal bead. Peshawar region of Pakistan, circa 1000 A.D. (Courtesy of UC Davis Library)


The art exhibit contains dog-themed pieces from all over the world, from Peru to Italy to Japan and Germany. Most of the collection pieces are not dated, but some of them date back to 1000 A.D. The collection reflects people’s adoration for art and canines all over the world and throughout history.  

In its entirety, the collection contains more than 500 art pieces and hundreds of books all about dogs. You will see fine art from around the world, rare historic artifacts, and pop culture icons. 

The exhibit was assembled by Sheila Grant over the span of 40 years. Grant (1950-2017) was an animal behaviorist, professional dog handler, but most notably a dog-lover. Grant’s work consisted of teaching humans to live in a harmonious and respectful environment with their canine friends. For many years, Grant volunteered at UC Davis School of Veterinary Science. Additionally, Grant held a fine arts degree that aided her in the curation of her dog-themed art collection.

Sheila Grant (right) and her Afghan hounds were awarded Best in Show at the Southern Oregon Kennel Club dog show in 1989 – one of the scores of competitions she won during her career. (Courtesy of UC Davis Library.)


While Grant loved all dogs, she was particularly fond of Afghan hounds and greyhounds. Her special adoration for the two dog breeds is clear as most artifacts in the Fleetfoot Gallery portray beautiful depictions of Afghan hounds and greyhounds. 

Admire some intricately painted hounds on ceramic plates, a statue of a mini cheerleader-hound, sculptures of hounds in mid-run or beautifully posed, among many more. The collection includes all types of dog-theme items from spoons to walking canes, business card holders, lamps, to a door knocker.

Three Greyhounds Lying Down. Bronze, by Tony Acevedo, 93/350. United States, no date. (Courtesy of UC Davis Library). 


Everybody is welcome to visit the exhibit and enjoy their free time by looking at some cute furry friends. If you’re a student, take a break from your neck-cramping studies, stretch your legs, walk down a few steps to the lower level of the library and visit the hounds. 

Take a chance to enjoy the beautiful and unexpected art provided by Shields Library. Whether you are a dog enthusiast or not, you’ll find yourself entertained by the interesting collection of dogs downstairs. 

You can learn more about the Fleetfield Gallery here.

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