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Each UC campus has a slightly different process for reviewing applications. Since UC Davis is a selective university, transfer applicants generally must have academic records that far exceed UC admission requirements. For many of our more rigorous majors, you must also complete selective major requirements beyond those required by the University of California.

Selection Criteria

The primary basis of our admission decision is your academic preparation and achievement. We will review your transferable GPA and courses—including those completed, in-progress and planned—as required by your major.

The UC-required minimum grade point average for transfer admission is a 2.40 GPA (2.80 GPA for California non-residents). For all majors, UC Davis recommends that transfer students attain an overall 2.80 GPA or higher for the best chance of admission to our campus. In fact, students are encouraged to work toward an even higher GPA, as some majors may be more competitive than others. Transfer students applying to a selective major at UC Davis must meet additional GPA and coursework requirements. A higher overall transfer GPA may be required to qualify for a Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) in certain majors.

Our admission decision is also based on the available spaces unique to each college, division and/or major you select in your application.

Personal Insight Questions

Your responses to the personal insight questions can be an important part of your application. Your responses complement and help clarify information provided elsewhere in your application.

Any gaps in your educational chronology should be explained in the Additional Information section of the UC application; only a brief description of what you were doing during these breaks in your education is necessary.