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Tips for Applying to UC Davis as a Transfer Student

Learn how to highlight your accomplishments and find out what admission advisors are looking for in your UC application.

Choosing a Major

You should apply to a major that interests you, rather than to one in which you think you have the best chance of admission. You should be aware that many of our most popular majors have additional coursework and GPA requirements that must be fulfilled before you can enroll. We also suggest that you include an alternate major in a different field-of-study when you apply; we may consider it if you are not admitted in your first-choice major.

The exploratory and undeclared options are closed to junior- and senior-level transfer applicants.

    Reporting International Education

    When you apply, you must report all coursework from schools, colleges and universities in which you enrolled, regardless of grades or transferability, including coursework from institutions in other countries. Failure to list all schools in which you enrolled will jeopardize your admission.

    You must report all international course work exactly as it would appear on your international academic record. Do not translate international grades to U.S. grades or use an evaluation done by a private evaluation company or another school on your application. Our international admission specialists will evaluate your international coursework and determine how many credits, if any, are transferable to UC Davis. Learn more about applying to UC Davis with international records.

    Academic Coursework

    You must list all of your coursework from all colleges and universities in which you have enrolled, regardless of grades, transferability or withdrawal. Failure to list all institutions and coursework exactly as it appears on your transcripts may jeopardize your admission.

    Letters of Recommendation
    and Other Materials

    Please do not include letters of recommendation, copies of awards, transcripts or samples of your academic or creative work with your application. They will not be reviewed or returned to you.

    Note, however, that letters of recommendation may be required for scholarship purposes—carefully read the instructions for each scholarship. For UC Davis campus-based scholarships, a letter of recommendation is suggested, not required, and a 3.25 college GPA is needed. Learn more about applying for scholarships.

    Check Your Admission Status

    A few weeks after submitting your application, you should receive a confirmation email from UC Davis Undergraduate Admissions containing your UC Davis student ID number. Use your student ID number to set up your MyAdmissions account, where you will receive updates about your admission status. Please keep your student ID in a safe, accessible location.