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Congratulations, new Aggies
and Aggie parents!

Your hard work has paid off. To help kick off all your celebrating and humblebragging, we’ve developed the ultimate UCD celebration kit. Get your downloadable Zoom backgrounds, social media stickers, posters and lawn signs.

Share your hype with #New2UCDavis, #Transfer2UCDavis or #AggieParent on your favorite social media platform. Your post will get a ❤ from @UCDavisAdmissions on Instagram or @UCDavis in your favorite channel.

Join your class on Discord

Connect with others in your class on Discord, where you can celebrate in real time with other Aggies and start meeting your new friends now!

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Aggie Vibes

Once you’re set up on Discord, share your go-to track for our #New2UCDavis Spotify playlist. Then listen to what your fellow Aggies are jamming to.

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Test your UCD knowledge
Snag some swag 

Have some social fun and learn a thing or two about UC Davis by playing Aggie Trivia! Every Friday, we'll start a new trivia round and choose winners LIVE on @UCDavisAdmissions Instagram.

Different items of UC Davis swag including a mask, spirit box, pompom and bucket hat

Capture the feeling

Freeze the frame on your special moment. Snap a photo with our virtual photo booth.

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