Best Places to Study at UC Davis

Now that I’m nearing the end of my third year at UC Davis, I’ve discovered what I believe are some of the best places to study on campus. Whether it’s for a few minutes between classes or for the long haul, or a spot that’s extra quiet or one with a bit of background noise, UC Davis has much to offer, so it's no wonder it has so many great places to study.

students study in peter j shields library

Peter J. Shields Library

Shields Library is one of my favorite places to study! It has so many different areas and types of seating that I can pick where I want to study based on the work I’m doing. My personal favorites are the window seats on the second floor and higher because I love to look outside when I work and the window seat just makes everything so much cozier. The higher up you go, the quieter it gets. Also, there are no crunching chips on the fifth floor...but munching in the basement of the library is A-OK!

students study at uc davis coho

The CoHo

I love sitting at the CoHo — short for the Coffee House. It’s the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee or a snack and do my work. If you like some background noise, this is a great place to study. I do work here that doesn’t require intense focus because it can get loud–in fact, I prefer to do busywork from all my classes here.

The CoHo has super comfy booths, as well as tables and chairs, and there is also a shaded outside patio. Last year, my friends and I would stop here during the breaks between our classes, grab a drink and a booth, and chat while we caught up on homework.

students study on uc davis quad

The Quad

The Quad, which is between the library and the Memorial Union, is a great place to study when the weather is super nice. Because it's so big, it’s always easy to find a spot. I like to sit in the Quad and have lunch while I study. It’s in the middle of everything, so you can almost always find a friend. One of the best parts about the Quad are the hammocks, and if you get one consider yourself lucky because they are super popular! The hammocks are super relaxing for when you want to take a study break, read a book, or even catch a few ZZZs...

students study at uc davis arboretum


I think the arboretum is the prettiest place to study on campus and the most peaceful. I love sitting on the grassy, sloping hills near the pond to study or just read. The view is beautiful, with trees, bridges, and a creek streaming by, and being outside in nature has such a relaxing effect. On warmer days, I can always find a shaded spot; and on cooler days, a sunny place to sit. I’m also super into the forest part of the arboretum, and this area also has tables and benches to sit and study.

students study in student community center

Student Community Center (SCC)

I love studying at the SCC because I feel like it incorporates a little bit of everything. In addition to having study spots on both floors of the building, it has conference rooms if you need a quieter atmosphere and a mini cafe to grab food. I would study here all the time after club meetings. And every time I was at the SCC, I was guaranteed to see at least one person that I knew because it's such a popular place to study!

Priyal Thakral is a UC Davis junior, with a double-major in International Relations and Managerial Economics. She is a member of the Ambassadors of Letters and Science (ALAS) program within the UC Davis College of Letters and Science.

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