Dr. Francisco Rodriguez

Graduated 1985

Chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District
B.A. in Chicano Studies and M.S. in Community Development

Dr. Francisco Rodriguez is the chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District, the largest community college district in the nation. Previously, Dr. Rodriguez served as superintendent/president at MiraCosta Community College District (Oceanside, Calif.) for five years and president at Cosumnes River College (Sacramento, Calif.) for six years. 

With 30 years of experience as an educator, faculty member and administrator within California public higher education, Dr. Rodriguez is a noted scholar and speaker on topics ranging from higher education, student access and success, governance and governing boards, to workforce development, fundraising and philanthropy. Dr. Rodriguez has dedicated his career to diversity, equity and inclusion and to outreach within underserved communities, particularly focusing on the development of young Latino and Black males. He serves as a lecturer in the doctoral education programs at Sacramento State University and at San Diego State University.

Dr. Rodriguez serves on several national panels, including the board of directors for the National Science Foundation’s Advisory Committee for the Directorate of Education and Human Resources and the National Endowment for Financial Education. Dr. Rodriguez also served on the UC Davis Foundation Board and is the past president of the Cal Aggie Alumni Association, UC Davis. 

At the Los Angeles Community College District, Dr. Rodriguez has set as his primary goal the building of the District’s profile and reputation as the best urban community college district for study and work. To accomplish this, Dr. Rodriguez emphasizes a well-prepared and innovative faculty and responsive curriculum, excellent educational administrators, state-of-the-art buildings and equipment, superbly trained and professional support staff, and business and community engagement.

Dr. Rodriguez earned a bachelor of arts in Chicano Studies with an emphasis in education and a master of science in Community Development, both from the University of California, Davis. He also earned a Doctor of Philosophy in Education from Oregon State University.


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