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IN BRIEF: Parking, Unitrans, Benefits

By Dateline Staff on July 28, 2020 in University


Driving to campus Monday (Aug. 3) or any time thereafter? Remember, parking permit enforcement resumes next week, so you either need to buy a new short- or long-term permit or a daily permit.

A reminder to people who formerly paid their permit fees via payroll deduction: Transportation Services canceled all payroll deductions in June; you can enroll or re-enroll here. Or, you can pay here with Visa or MasterCard.

More information about permits and fees.

Most fees are going up by $5 a month, effective Sept. 1.

You should also note, there is no need to get a short- or long-term permit if you’re still working from home. And if you need to come to campus occasionally, you can buy daily permits for $10 (this rate is not going up Sept. 1) or pay to park in a metered space.

Minor changes to Unitrans schedule

Service frequency remains unchanged in a new schedule that takes effect Monday (Aug. 3) for the campus-city bus system.

Unitrans also has this reminder: Face coverings or masks are required on the transit system per Yolo County health order.

The schedule changes, described as minor:

  • All weekday morning trip times from 7 to 9 a.m. are adjusted to be five minutes earlier.
  • E, F, K, L, O, Q and Z lines undergo minor changes.
  • K and M weekend schedules are changed.
  • G/J Line drop-off-only will be piloted at outbound stops at Alvarado/Sycamore, Sycamore/Marketplace, Sycamore/Antelope and Sycamore across from Chaparral Apartments.

Unitrans has instructions for how to see the new schedules before they take effect. Printed copies will be available on buses starting Wednesday (July 29).

Sick leave, vacation time

Employees: Take note of these important policy changes during the pandemic:

  • SICK LEAVE — Under normal circumstances, employees can use sick leave only if they are sick or someone in their family is sick, or for other reasons spelled out in the Absence From Work Policy. Now, for the period July 1 to Dec. 31, President Janet Napolitano has approved a rule change for policy-covered staff, allowing them to use sick leave for time off to care for their children who cannot be physically present in their schools or daycare. (A similar policy expansion for represented employees is subject to collective bargaining.)
  • VACATION HOURS — The university already adjusted its vacation rules for policy-covered staff, lifting the caps on how much vacation time they could accrue. The university authorized the exemption, effective July 1 to Dec. 31, in consideration of employees who have had or will have their vacation plans interrupted by the pandemic (say, because of increased workload or travel restrictions).

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