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Hydrologists address concerns related to the most fundamental and necessary of all natural resources: water. They study the occurrence, distribution, circulation and behavior of water in Earth's environment. Hydrology majors measure and analyze water phenomena on and below Earth's surface and in the atmosphere, seeking to solve problems that affect sustainability of both water quantity and water quality.

Real World Outcomes: 

Hydrology majors have found employment in private consulting firms, environmental interest groups and government agencies dealing with water resources. Major employers include the U.S. Geological Survey, USDA, EPA, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and California Water Resources Control Board. Other graduates have found their major excellent preparation for advanced degrees in hydrologic sciences and related fields.


At the lower division level, you will complete foundational courses in mathematics, natural sciences and basic concepts of engineering. At the upper division, you will choose an area of concentration: surface hydrology, hydrogeology, remote sensing, water management or water quality. Depending on your special concentration, you may focus more intensively on running water, groundwater, water contamination and restoration or the use of computers and other technological systems in hydrology.

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Lacole Brooks
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