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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

At its most fundamental level, the study of life is the study of chemical processes. A major in biochemistry and molecular biology trains you in the experimental techniques used to probe the structures and functions of biologically important molecules. The strong laboratory and research focus of this major prepares you for graduate study or to enter careers in high-growth areas such as biotechnology and health care research.

Real World Outcomes: 

Biochemistry and molecular biology majors are well prepared for research, for teaching or service careers in the life sciences, and for graduate or professional programs in medicine, pharmacy, health sciences and biological sciences. Many graduates enter employment in the biomedical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, agricultural research and chemical industries. Others find work in university, government or hospital research laboratories.


You will begin your studies with foundation courses in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. At the upper-division level, you will take a four-course sequence in advanced biological topics and an intensive laboratory course designed to introduce you to the methods and procedures used in studying biochemical processes. You will supplement your courses in biology with sequences in organic chemistry. All of your advanced coursework is designed to give you maximal opportunities to increase your skill and familiarity with research laboratory procedures.

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Daniela De La Cruz Telles
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