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By Dave Jones on June 27, 2017

Pulitzer-Winning Poet Contributes to ‘Wildness’

Book cover "Wildness"Gary Snyder, UC Davis professor emeritus of English and winner of the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry, contributed a new work to the recently published Wildness: Relations of People and Place, from the University of Chicago Press in association with the Center for Humans and Nature of Chicago.

The book comprises poems and essays delving into the evolution of “wildness.” Snyder is among a culturally diverse lineup of writers, including Vandana Shiva, Robert Michael Pyle, Robin Kimmerer and Winona LaDuke.

Snyder’s poem “Wildfire News” leads off Part 1: “Wisdom of the Wild,” about the wildness of wilderness areas.

The book’s co-editor Gavin Van Horn, in his introduction, describes “Wildfire News” as “a nod toward chaotic planetary forces and the embodied wisdom of adaptive organisms such as redwood trees — a wild dance millions of years in the making that places human achievement in perspective.”

Part 2 of the book is titled “Working Wild,” about landscapes where people work, and Part 3 is called “Urban Wild.”

Read more about the book on the Center for Humans and Nature website.

Dave Jones is a senior public information representative and editor of Dateline UC Davis, in the Office of Strategic Communications.