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Theatre and Dance

Participation is a unique focus of the Theatre and Dance major, encouraging students to become familiar with the myriad roles involved in planning, producing and bringing performances to the stage. You'll be exposed to techniques of acting, directing, stagecraft or dance as you develop communication, creative and collaborative skills that will prepare you to succeed in a variety of careers within and outside the performing arts.


Statisticians seek to survey representative samples of individuals in order to make inferences about entire populations. Whether estimating the extent of a pest infestation in an agricultural crop or predicting the outcome of a presidential election, statisticians use scientific methods to make useful generalizations.


Spanish is among the most widely spoken languages in the world today. In the United States, and especially in California and the Southwest, it is the first or second language for millions of people. Knowledge of Spanish gives you access to the rich literature and diverse cultures of Spain, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico and an important sector of the United States. Students who choose to major in Spanish have a lively interest in language in general, and a curiosity about the cultures, language and literature of the Spanish-speaking world in particular.

Sociology—Organizational Studies

The Organizational Studies (OS) emphasis within the Sociology major provides a broad understanding of the political, social and economic organizations that make up modern society. Whether thinking about the structure of government bureaucracies, legal systems, economic markets, educational systems or workplaces, organizational studies offers an interdisciplinary vantage from which to understand the contemporary world where complex and formal organizations are ubiquitous. Formal organizations influence how we feel, what we think, and what we can accomplish.


Sociologists begin with the premise that everyday life, including our interactions and relationships with others, is embedded in and shaped by larger social structures: globalization, labor markets, educational systems, political institutions and culture, to name a few. Sociologists analyze how cooperation and conflict, action and interaction are differentiated by socioeconomic class, gender, race and ethnicity, citizenship, age and other major axes of social stratification.

Science and Technology Studies

The Science and Technology Studies (STS) major examines science and technology as they shape and are shaped by their social, political, economic and cultural contexts. The program draws upon faculty from a wide range of departments, including American studies, anthropology, economics, environmental science and policy, history, philosophy, political science and sociology.


A major in Russian not only provides instruction in speaking and understanding the Russian language, it exposes you to the richness of Russian literature and culture. Writers like Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Chekhov and Nabokov; composers Tchaikovsky and Stravinsky; and painters Chagall and Kandinsky have all come from the great Russian tradition. At UC Davis, Russian classes are small group sessions taught by internationally-known professors. Education abroad and careers in international business and relations are open fields with a background in Russian from UC Davis.

Religious Studies

The major in Religious Studies examines culture at its broadest and in terms of its core values, providing an opportunity to explore and analyze the written and oral traditions of many of the world's religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and African religions. Students in the major aim to describe, compare, and interpret the beliefs and practices of various religious traditions and to understand the world in which those traditions emerged and thrive.


Ever wonder why that certain smell brings you back to childhood? Or why you get dizzy after a ride on the merry-go-round? Or how Mozart could compose operas before the age of 10? Find out the answers as a psychology major at UC Davis. Psychology is an interdisciplinary program that examines both the social and scientific bases of behavior; and as a premier research institution, UC Davis is home to many leading researchers in the field of psychology.