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Classical Civilization

Democracy, individualism, monotheism, architectural proportion, musical harmony: all these concepts were first developed by the classical civilizations of ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Israel, Greece and Rome. As a classics major, you will examine ancient literature, art, philosophy and government, focusing on how ideas dating from classical times still affect the modern world; you will also have the opportunity to study the Greek, Latin and Hebrew languages.

Cinema and Digital Media

Technology and human culture have become interwoven in increasingly sophisticated ways, morphing so quickly that the phenomenon calls to be examined. The major in cinema and digital media looks at what happens when music, performance, literature, media arts and the visual arts meet science and technology. Emphasizing the "culture" and using perspectives from history of the arts, politics, poetics and aesthetics, cultural history and theory, the major aims to help us understand things from a truly interdisciplinary basis.


A major in Chinese is the gateway to the world’s most widely spoken language, to the rich and diverse traditions of a complex society, and to the modern culture of almost one-fourth of the world's population.

Chicana/Chicano Studies

The Chicana/Chicano Studies major provides a unique opportunity to serve and understand the Chicanx/Latinx community. Policymakers must know specifics about the people, comprehend and appreciate the culture and understand how to work with this fast-growing community. The major offers an interdisciplinary curriculum which focuses on the Chicanx/Latinx experience through an analysis of class, race-ethnicity, gender and sexuality, and cultural expression within the historical and contemporary experiences of Chicanx/Latinx people in the Americas.


From the twitch of a muscle fiber to the silent explosion of a supernova, every happening in the universe is linked at an atomic level by the principles of chemistry. Chemists analyze substances, like testing environmental samples; create new substances, as in medical and product manufacturing; test theories using chemical analysis; and measure the properties of substances, like the strength of materials used in engineering.

Chemical Physics

The B.S. degree in Chemical Physics provides students with an in-depth understanding of the fundamentals of chemistry, focusing on those areas that are at the interface of chemistry and physics. These include, for example, the experimental measurement and theoretical calculation of the detailed properties and behavior of atoms and molecules. An important experimental tool in chemical physics is spectroscopy, which uses conventional or laser light to probe the atomic and molecular properties of matter.

Asian American Studies

Intrigued by the stories, contributions and struggles of Asian Americans? Want to better understand their historical, political, economic and cultural contexts? The UC Davis major in Asian American Studies is one of the first programs in the nation to examine critically the diverse and complex experiences of Asian Americans through the study of literature, culture, history, sociology, politics, religion and psychology.

Art Studio

A major in studio art allows you to explore and expand your creative abilities, regardless of whether you plan a career as a professional artist. As an art student, you will develop and practice skills in problem-solving and cultivate your aesthetic sensitivity and visual awareness. These skills and traits will enrich your life, broaden your perspective and prepare you to succeed in any career requiring creativity and artistic sense.

Art History

The language of visual culture speaks across boundaries of history and geography, resonating powerfully in every society. The study of art history is the study of the expression of personal and social truths through painting, sculpture, architecture, photography and other fine and popular arts. As an art history major, you will draw on aspects of literature, history, critical theory, philosophy, anthropology and cultural studies in your efforts to understand the complex reasons that people create, support and value the visual arts.

Applied Physics

An undergraduate degree in applied physics can be excellent preparation for a career or graduate work in a variety of fields, from sciences such as oceanography or geology to law school, banking or medicine.