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The Russian minor assures a basic proficiency in Russian and acquaints students with the language, literature and traditions. In today's global economy, this minor is an asset to almost any major.

Political Science

Political science is the study of politics and political systems at the local, national, and international levels. It concerns not only the institutions of government but also the analysis of such phenomena as political behavior, political values, political change and stability, parties, pressure groups, bureaucracies, administrative behavior, justice, national security, and international affairs.


From subatomic particles to galaxies with billions of stars, physics studies what the universe is made of and how it works. As a physics minor at UC Davis, you will learn about our present understanding of the universe and also have the opportunity to join with our faculty in research that pushes forward the frontier of knowledge. This research ranges from the very smallest distances associated with elementary particle physics through nanophysics and superconductivity and on to the structure and evolution of the entire universe.

Native American Studies

The Native American Studies minor provides an interdisciplinary introduction to the Native experience in the Americas through coursework in history, literature, art, performance, languages, values, philosophy, religion, current events, political economic and the environment.


A minor in music teaches you to explore and understand the history, theory, and performance of music. Your professors and lecturers are active researchers and performing musicians, who regularly have works performed, published and recorded around the globe. Students work closely with prominent Artists-in-Residence who give concerts throughout their year-long tenure.

Middle East/South Asia Studies

Similarly to the major, the ME/SA Studies Minor offers comparative studies of the Middle East and South Asia, regions that have been integrally linked for centuries by trade, migration, exchange of scientific, mathematical, political and philosophical ideas, religion, literature, and art.The ME/SA Studies Minor is a brief introduction to the field of ME/SA Studies.


A minor in Mathematics trains students in the mental habit of logical thinking and the tactics of problem solving.

The goal of the minor is to foster students'  ability to identify, formulate, abstract, and solve mathematical problems that use tools from a variety of mathematical areas, including algebra, analysis, probability, differential equations, optimization, discrete mathematics. Students who minor in mathematics should also develop an understanding of how those mathematical areas relate to problems from other areas of science, engineering and management.


The Department of Linguistics offers two minor programs:

  1. General Linguistics (listed below), which provides the student with basic knowledge of language structure and linguistic analysis.
  2. Linguistics for Language Teachers, which especially complements the major in English with the Teaching Area of emphasis; it is also of relevance to students interested in teaching foreign languages.



A minor in Japanese provides a significant complement to any declared major in the sciences, social sciences, humanities or the arts. The Japanese minor is comprised of a balance of literature and culture courses taught in English or Japanese, and a minimum of beginning third-year language proficiency. Whatever path one follows upon graduation, fulfilling the Japanese minor prepares the student for the increasingly global contexts of the modern world.


The Italian curriculum provides solid foundations for a variety of career paths by developing linguistic and cultural proficiency and strengthening students’ habits of critical thinking, effective writing, and cross-cultural communication. According to a recent departmental survey, our alumni include physicians, attorneys, fashion designers, college professors, high-school teachers, professional artists, entrepreneurs and diplomatic service employees.