Spring Quarter Snapshot: Trimming the Waste from Home

At the Energy & Engineering Office — part of Facilities Management — a self-described group of “energy enthusiasts” came up with a way to share home energy tips and tricks while they are not in their regular offices.

The “Trim the Waste: Home Edition” began earlier this quarter and features videos from staffers’ homes. They discuss energy saving ideas while showing how-tos from their own thermostats, air filters and solar panels. They also talk about these concepts on a larger, university-wide scale.

Watch as energy project manager Tom Ryan talks about whole house fans, while showing his own home’s cooling system. Or see Angela Sanguinetti, a researcher at the UC Davis Institute of Transportation Studies and Energy and Efficiency Institute, explain how to understand your energy bill.

You can find the whole series on the Trim the Waste website, where you’ll also learn more about energy saving strategies for the campus.

By the way, Trim the Waste’s mascot, Joules the Cow, is “the friendliest bovine at UC Davis [and is] here to teach you more about energy and comfort in your buildings.” Joules is on Instagram and Twitter.

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