Spring Quarter Snapshot: Caring for the Campus Goats

The dedication and character of UC Davis students is clearly evident at the Goat Teaching and Research Facility these days.

“Operations need to continue at the goat facility because the goats need to be fed and milked — regardless of current events,” said Teresa Greenhut, a student resident at the goat barn and adjacent creamery.

The herd of Alpines, Saanens, LaManchas and Recorded Grades number between 65 and 125 goats throughout the year. As Greenhut, an animal science major, explains, kid goats need to be fed three times a day and the rest of the herd twice a day. The female goats need to be milked twice a day.

Students typically work alone on their shifts, so social distancing is not a problem. And they’re being extra careful.

“In these times, it seems just as important — if not more important — to be sanitary in our work,” she said.

UC Davis students have abundant opportunities for hands-on or experiential learning. As the campus keeps moving forward during these trying days, it’s also revealing just how much our students care.

“Without us, the goats wouldn’t have anybody, so this is important that we continue in these times,” Greenhut said.  

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