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Yale’s new art dean: Davis sets standard

By Dave Jones on September 22, 2006 in University

Art critic and curator Robert Storr, incoming dean of the Yale School of Art, sings UC Davis' praises in a column appearing in the September issue of Frieze magazine, self-described as "Europe's leading magazine of contemporary art and culture."

Storr wrote that UC Davis, where he once lectured, "boasts a lively art department and a small but active museum that has a collection that includes works by people who have taught at or attended Davis."

During a tour of museum storage, Storr wrote, he came upon two unfired ceramics: Cup and Saucer Falling Over and Cup Merging with Its Saucer, both crafted in 1965 by Bruce Nauman, then a teaching assistant in Wayne Thiebaud's drawing classes.

"As unprepossessing as they may seem, Nauman's cups are remarkable … for what they presage in his own work, from the photos and films of spilt coffee cups to his large-format plaster and fiberglass rings and tunnels of the 1980s onward."

Storr continued: "It's a pity that there are so few collections of this kind around. At Yale … none seems to exist. Yet generations of artists have been turned out there, and over the years several shows of signature work by alumni have been mounted to celebrate them."

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