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By Amy Agronis on November 2, 2001 in University

At top left, seated next to a sign indicating his discussion group on Alternatives to War, linguistics professor Almerindo Ojeda helps a group of campus community members consider the complexities of actions taken post-Sept. 11. The group members were some of more than 350 people who attended all or parts of a four-hour teach-in Monday afternoon in Freeborn Hall. Following a half dozen speeches from panelists – who were mostly campus faculty experts on various aspects of the war on terrorism – the audience participated in small-group discussions on topics ranging from the psychology of fear to the economic and political history of Afghanistan. Discussion group member Wolfgang Rougle, a second-year agricultural systems and engineering student, voiced her perspective on alternatives to war, a topic touched on by teach-in speaker Kevin Danaher, co-founder of Global Exchange, a non-profit human rights organization. "Expose your version of the truth to as many versions of the truth as possible," Danaher said during the event. "Then you’ll get the best approximation of the truth."

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