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What's Your Vision for UC Davis?

By Dateline Staff on February 16, 2016 in University

Envision UC Davis

Quick Summary

  • Students, faculty, staff: Play our online ‘game’!
  • Staff has approval for 2 hours of release time, Feb. 24-25
  • After that comes ROW Day, Feb. 29, for staff to envision how their work fits into our university’s excellence

What is your vision for UC Davis to ensure its excellence long into the future?

What is your vision for your work and your role in contributing to UC Davis' excellence?

These are the questions Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi and Staff Assembly are asking in two exercises, one next week and one the week after.

The first is “Envision UC Davis,” an online “game” with thousands of your closest friends: staff, faculty and students on the Davis and Sacramento campuses and at all other UC Davis locations. We will play from 11 a.m. Wednesday, Feb. 24, to 11 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 25. Preregistration is underway:

Release time approved for ‘game’

 "Envision UC Davis" (yellow)Everyone is encouraged to participate. You can contribute in as little as five minutes, but we're hoping you'll stay a while. In fact, the administration wants to make sure you have the time to play, which is why Human Resources announced last week: "In order to facilitate broad participation in the 'Envision UC Davis' exercise … managers and supervisors are encouraged to provide up to two hours of release time as operationally feasible for employees to participate in this campuswide outreach and engagement activity.”

In her February message to the campus community, Chancellor Katehi described the exercise as “a special opportunity to help ensure the greatness of our university for decades to come.”

“We will be holding a 36-hour online brainstorming dialogue about our future,” she wrote. “‘Envision UC Davis' ... will be a fun, rapid-fire exchange of ideas open to all students, faculty members, staff and alumni. We’re making a game of it with points and prizes for top-trending ideas.”

Student Affairs is organizing “game huddles” around campus for students, and the “Envision UC Davis” organizers also encourage group play among staff and faculty — in other words, gather round a table or anywhere else on campus, with your smartphones and laptops, and post your ideas and thoughts to the online game while, at the same time, engaging in face-to-face conversation about UC Davis' future.

A meeting to talk about meetings

:pgp" ROW Day 2016 )"Reimagining Our Work")The second exercise is “Reimagining Our Work,” or ROW, for all staff at all UC Davis locations. Think of it as a day to catch your breath, think about your work, think about inefficient processes and how to improve them. You can also use the day for team building, in an effort to foster more collegial relationships.

The official ROW Day is Monday, Feb. 29, but departments and units are welcome to pick different days. Also, each department and unit decides for itself how to spend the day.

One department’s plan includes:

  • Individual time for workspace and/or email organization and-or campus client management
  • Unit meetings where each unit will assess its other meetings, discuss efficiencies and positioning for success
  • Wrapup in the arboretum to discuss lessons learned/outcomes of the day

Staff Assembly is asking other departments to share their plans — for posting on the ROW website — so perhaps other units can borrow. Send your plans by email to

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