War information compiled at new campus Web site

As a pending war with Iraq prompts deep feelings and thoughtful debate, a new UC Davis Web site will serve as a gathering place for the campus community.

“The War From Home” highlights campus news, educational programs and services related to the war and its impact at home. It is located online at http://www.news.ucdavis.edu/iraq_war.

Aiming to encourage respectful dialogue on campus, the Web site draws together information on planned speakers and other educational events related to the conflict in Iraq.

Its pages feature information on campus services, such as employee and student counseling, and on resources such as references for hate- and bias-related incidents.

The Web site also includes brief descriptions of faculty members with expertise related to the Iraqi and Korean conflicts and the war’s impact at home. It samples what faculty members are telling the media, and it lists those professors willing to serve as public speakers.

The Web site complements another site (http://www.news.ucdavis.edu/biodefense/) with information on campus security and news on UC Davis’ contributions to homeland security.

Safety bulletins would also be posted in the Spotlight section of the campus home page at http://www.ucdavis.edu.

Media Resources

Amy Agronis, Dateline, (530) 752-1932, abagronis@ucdavis.edu

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