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UPDATED: WarnMe test for Davis campus only Nov. 20

By Dave Jones on November 15, 2013 in University News

Next week's test of the UC Davis WarnMe system is still on, but will not include the Sacramento campus as originally planned.

The rest of the timetable remains intact: 10:50 a.m. test Wednesday (Nov. 20) for the Davis campus and other facilities (excluding the Sacramento campus). A separate test had been planned that night for the Sacramento campus, but that test has been postponed until after Thanksgiving.

UC Davis emergency officials urge faculty, staff and students to check that their contact information, including personal email addresses and cell phone numbers, is registered with WarnMe and up to date. Text messages reach recipients most quickly.

WarnMe is part of the university’s comprehensive emergency management program and among the ways the university can alert students and employees to an emergency and provide important information.

Nick Crossley, manager of the emergency management and mission continuity program for the Davis campus, said the annual test checks the performance of the system, raises awareness about the service, and reminds students and employees to update their contact information.

The test messages will indicate that they are just that — test messages. The “from” line of the email message will indicate that the message is from “UC Davis POLICE.”

In a real emergency, the messages would tell recipients the nature of the emergency, provide instructions and refer the recipients to a source for more information.

WarnMe uses employees’ work contact information from the university’s online directory and students’ e-mail addresses. Personal contact information that students and employees provide voluntarily to WarnMe is safeguarded and used only according to the policy. View the privacy notice.

To configure your computer’s spam filters so they do not delete or send WarnMe messages to a junk mail folder, follow instructions specific to your email software.

More information about WarnMe and the test is available online or by emailing You can download a brochure about preparing to play your part in emergency communication at UC Davis.


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