Unitrans To Celebrate 100 Millionth Rider on 56th Anniversary

Front of modern Unitrans bus with vintage double-decker bus in background
A beloved icon of UC Davis, Unitrans will celebrate its 100 millionth rider and 56th anniversary with an event on Wednesday, Feb. 28. (Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis)

Unitrans will be hosting an event to celebrate its 100 millionth rider and its 56th anniversary on Wednesday, Feb. 28, from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Memorial Union Bus Terminal.

One bus stopping at the terminal about noon will be randomly selected, and everyone on the bus will receive a goodie bag — with gift cards and swag from the campus and beyond — as they exit.

One of the goodie bags will contain a “golden ticket,” corresponding to the 100 millionth ride. The ticket holder will receive an additional goodie bag with more merchandise, like T-shirts, gift cards, a certificate for a pizza party for eight that day and a Unitrans lifetime pass.

Refreshments and gifts will be available to anyone stopping at the terminal during the event.

There will be no delays or changes to the regular bus schedule.

“Unitrans has been an essential service for our community for 56 years and continues to be essential to our campus and city communities,” said Jeff Flynn, Unitrans’ general manager.  “Hitting this milestone is a huge accomplishment and speaks to the dedication of ASUCD, the city (of Davis) and our students over the years.” 

The event also marks the 56th anniversary of Unitrans, which has long been an iconic symbol of UC Davis. The student-run service launched on Feb. 28, 1968, with just two buses and two routes. Both of the first buses were former London Transport double-decker buses, making UC Davis the only place in America that operated vintage London double-deckers in public transit service.

In 1972, Unitrans began a partnership with the city of Davis to serve even more of the Davis community. Unitrans has since grown to a fleet of 48 buses serving the campus and city over 18 routes. This fall, Flynn said, Unitrans plans to welcome four more electric buses to its fleet for a total of 14 electric ones — the most in the Sacramento region.

Unitrans is one of the largest student-operated bus systems in the nation, with about 225 student employees, most of them drivers. The two on-campus terminals are the busiest transit stations in the Sacramento region. Last year alone, Unitrans transported 3 million riders, and is projected to serve an average of 20,000 riders per weekday this academic year.

Unitrans is hiring for drivers and other positions. Visit vacancy.ucdavis.edu to learn more.

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