UCPath: Be Prepared! Attend a Town Hall!

UCPath is set to go live Oct. 1 at UC Davis, UC Davis Health and Agriculture and Natural Resources — bringing some 35,000 employees into the university’s new payroll and personnel system. Are you ready for the switch?

The perfect place to start is a one-hour town hall. They’re all the same, so you need to attend only one.

Payroll preparation


Your first check from UCPath will come Oct. 1 (if you are paid monthly) or Oct. 2 (if you are paid biweekly). Officials advise: Keep a couple of your recent earning statements from At Your Service Online, or AYSO, to compare with your UCPath statement.

Note: Due to differences in how accounting systems round numbers, some of the amounts on your statement may be off a couple of cents in these categories: taxes, voluntary deductions and flexible spending accounts (health FSA and dependent care FSA). Minor pay errors will be corrected in your next pay period; significant errors will be resolved quickly, for example, by direct deposit or pay card.

New pay statements will not show leave balances. Instead, they will be displayed in UCPath.

Also note: You will receive two W-2 forms for 2019, one for the period before UCPath (with your W-2 to be accessible via AYSO) and one for the period after UCPath goes live (accessible in UCPath). You may need to re-enroll for electronic W-2s in UCPath.

Where to find your earnings statements:

  • For pay periods ending on or before Sept. 30 — At Your Service Online (these earnings statements will continue to be accessible in AYSO, even after UCPath comes online)
  • For pay periods ending on or after Oct. 1 — UCPath

Besides gathering some of your previous earnings statements, here’s something else to do in AYSO before UCPath goes online: Check your name and contact information, and update if necessary. You have until midnight Aug. 31 to do this in AYSO; after that, you must wait until UCPath comes online Oct. 1.

Direct deposit and pay cards

If you are already signed up for direct deposit, everything stays the same. You don’t need to take any action (although once UCPath is online, you’ll have the option of splitting your pay into two or three accounts, instead of being limited to one account).

If you still receive paper paychecks, be advised: They will no longer be available on campus. Instead, they will be sent by U.S. mail — meaning you may not get your checks as early as you would like. The solution? Sign up for direct deposit in At Your Service Online by the following deadlines:

  • Monthly pay — July 31
  • Biweekly pay — Aug. 20

Otherwise, look for your Oct. 1 or 2 paycheck in the U.S. mail. If you don’t like the delay, you can sign up for direct deposit in UCPath (once it goes live Oct. 1). Read more about direct deposit.

The university also is introducing pay cards as a payroll option (for nonrepresented employees, and represented employees whose unions have approved). Each payday the university will load your pay onto your card (to be used as a debit card).

But, you cannot sign up for a pay card until UCPath goes live Oct. 1, meaning that, without direct deposit, your Oct. 1 or Oct. 2 paycheck will come by U.S. mail.

One more to-Duo

Be sure to enroll in Duo, the campus’s dual-factor authentication service — you’ll need it to access UCPath. Learn more about Duo.

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