UC Davis Releases 10-Year Strategic Plan

Creates a 10-year vision for the institution

Quick Summary

  • Result of a 9-month process
  • Input and feedback taken from entire university community

The University of California, Davis, today released its strategic plan, “To Boldly Go,” that creates a 10-year vision for the institution. The plan is the result of a nine-month process coordinated by a steering committee made of up faculty, students and staff with input and feedback solicited from the entire university community. The process of developing the strategic plan included online and in-person town hall meetings, small group meetings and soliciting feedback online for the draft plan.

“The extended university community has helped us develop the guideposts that will take us to where we want to be in 10 years,” said Chancellor Gary S. May. “As we set this plan in motion, we hope that this same community of faculty, students, staff, alumni, university friends, partners and other key stakeholders will continue to think about and contribute to our goals and actions over the next decade.”

The strategic plan has been designed to build on the strengths that UC Davis has today as a top-ranked public university while remaining responsive to new ideas for growth in an ever-changing world.

“‘To Boldly Go’ captures high-level aspirations and themes for the UC Davis community and provides and outlines strategies for addressing these themes and aspirations over the next 10 years,” said Ken Burtis, faculty advisor to the chancellor and provost, and co-chair of the strategic plan steering committee.

“To Boldly Go” contains five goals:

  • Provide an educational experience that prepares all of our students to address the needs and challenges of a diverse and changing world.
  • Enable and support research that matters at the frontiers of knowledge, across and between the disciplines, in support of a healthy planet and the physical and societal well-being of its inhabitants.
  • Embrace diversity, practice inclusive excellence and strive for equity. Make UC Davis a place of excellence for learning and working by supporting a culture that values the contributions and aspirations of all our students, staff and faculty; promotes wellness and a culture of sustainability; and cultivates the open interchange of ideas.
  • Support our community, region, state, nation and world through mutually beneficial and impactful partnerships that reflect a firm commitment to our mission and increase the visibility and reputation of the university.
  • Create an intellectual and physical environment that supports the development of an innovative and entrepreneurial culture that extends the benefits of our research activities beyond the boundaries of the university.

“Our future plans should be definitive in pointing the way forward, but flexible enough to adapt to changing societal needs and nimble enough to seize upon unexpected opportunities,” May said.

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