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By Dave Jones on April 6, 2007 in University

Pat Turner resumed her duties last week as vice provost for undergraduate studies, after serving as interim dean of the Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies for two years. Jessie Ann Owens took the HArCS dean's post on a permanent basis last July 1, and Turner then went on sabbatical. With her return to the vice provost's office, her interim replacement, Fred Wood, has been appointed to a new position: associate vice provost for undergraduate studies. "As associate vice provost, Fred will work closely with Vice Provost Turner in a wide range of areas under the purview of the Office of Undergraduate Studies," Provost Virginia Hinshaw said in announcing Wood's appointment. "Fred's deep understanding of the issues involved in the effective delivery of high quality undergraduate instructional programs makes him a wonderful match for this role." Turner is a professor in the African-American and African Studies Program and the American Studies Program, and Wood is a senior lecturer in chemistry.

With her hiring as chancellor of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, virologist and UC Davis Provost Hinshaw received two faculty appointments: one to the College of Natural Sciences and the other to the John A. Burns School of Medicine. She may not know it, but the School of Medicine's namesake has a connection to UC Davis. A family connection. One of his great-nieces is Kristin Burns, marketing and communications manager for Undergraduate Admissions. Kristin graduated from UC Davis in 1996. Her great-uncle, John, served as Hawaii's second governor, from 1962 to 1974. The School of Medicine's Web site credits him with envisioning the school's establishment, which came about in 1965. His name also is attached to Interstate H-3, on the island of Oahu. John Burns was born in Fort Assinniboine, Mont., and moved to Hawaii with his family in 1913. He became a leader in the Democratic Party in Hawaii and served as a congressional delegate when Hawaii was still a territory. He died in Honolulu in 1975.

The March 23 edition of Dateline noted Nona Richardson's appointment as senior associate athletics director, but left out her other official title: senior woman administrator in the Department of Athletics. The previous note also left out her salary; it is $124,058 annually.

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