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TRANSITION: Currall returns to the GSM

By Dave Jones on October 20, 2015 in University

Steve Currall, who for the past year has served in the role of chancellor’s senior advisor for strategic projects and initiatives, is transitioning back to the faculty of the Graduate School of Management.

Last October, after serving asGSM dean, Currall was asked to support Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi in laying the groundwork for her University of the 21st Century Initiative. He co-chaired the University of the 21st Century Committee that consulted widely within and outside the campus community, and subsequently prepared a report for the chancellor.

The chancellor is now moving the initiative into its next phase, working on elements that include: new and progressive learning paradigms; centers of innovation in education, research, scholarship and administration; a Financial Sustainability Action Plan; a strategic plan for diversity and inclusion; and the possibility of an additional Sacramento campus that potentially could house a new public policy institute and a school on population and global health. Currall assisted by formulating a preliminary plan regarding Sacramento. 

Chancellor Katehi has indicated that she hopes to present the University of the 21st Century vision to UC President Janet Napolitano this winter and to the Board of Regents in the spring. 

“I want to thank Steve for his work that has helped get us to where we are today,” Katehi said. “He has made a valuable contribution to our efforts to carry our university into the future.”

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