Traffic Signals Back On at Russell-Anderson-LaRue

Google Street View of the intersection of Russell Boulevard and Anderson Road.
The intersection of Russell Boulevard and Anderson Road, as seen on Google Street View.

Updated 4:30 p.m. May 2: Power has been restored and the traffic signals are back on, a city of Davis spokeswoman reported at 4:15 p.m.


The traffic signals at the intersection of Russell Boulevard and Anderson Road-La Rue Road could be out of order for about a week, city officials say.

A damaged service pedestal.
The service pedestal damaged in the crash. (City of Davis)

The intersection is just off campus near the Segundo Residence Halls. The city of Davis said Tuesday (May 1) on Facebook that power is out at the intersection because of a traffic accident.

"A car drove through the bus shelter on Anderson Road and destroyed the service pedestal (in the Rite Aid parking lot)," the city wrote on Facebook.

The city explained in a statement today (May 2): “Because the damage was so severe and extended into the connecting wires up to the PG&E transformer, PG&E had to completely disconnect the wires for public safety until repairs could be made.

“Staff are working with PG&E to see what interim steps can be made to re-energize the signal as our top priority. Our goal is to get the signal back up and running as quickly as possible (this week), but is dependent on what PG&E will minimally allow as an interim solution."

The statement continued: "Our Police Department and transportation staff are monitoring the situation and if other measures are necessary to make the intersection safer for the traveling public while power is being restored, they will take appropriate steps to implement those measures."

The California Driver Handbook has online guidance on determining the right of way at intersections. Pedestrians have the right of way when crossing in a crosswalk, and bicyclists should follow the same right-of-way rules as cars, unless walking their bikes in a crosswalk.

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