Traffic Fatality in City of Davis

We are saddened to announce that one person died in a single-vehicle car crash in the city of Davis last night (Feb. 23). A UC Davis police officer was transported to a hospital, treated and released.

The incident began just before 9:30 p.m. when a UC Davis patrol officer saw a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed through the intersection of Russell Boulevard and Sycamore Lane. The officer engaged their lights and siren and attempted to catch up to the speeding vehicle to make a traffic stop, but the driver continued at a high speed, running red lights east on Russell onto Fifth Street.

The vehicle hit a concrete median at the Fifth Street railroad crossing near G Street, came to an abrupt stop and burst into flames. The UC Davis officer arriving on scene also hit the median and suffered minor injuries.

Officers and bystanders pulled the driver from the vehicle and attempted medical aid. Davis Fire Department and AMR ambulance personnel pronounced the driver dead. The UC Davis officer was treated for minor injuries and released. City of Davis police also assisted at the scene.

The crashed vehicle had been reported stolen in Novato, Marin County, about 8 p.m. The driver is not thought to be affiliated with UC Davis.

In accordance with department policy, the incident will be investigated by the California Highway Patrol.

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