A Student's View: Happy to Have the MU Back

Daniela Gamez
Communication major Daniela Gamez. (Cody Kitaura/UC Davis)

One of the reasons why I decided to choose UC Davis was the famous underground bowling alley. I would always hear alumni and people talk about it. I had been in tours around campus during my high school years, but never had the chance to check out the bowling alley. Last year when I got accepted into UC Davis, I was so excited to finally check it out and go bowling with my friends. Once I got here, I was very surprised and upset to find out that the MU was being remodeled and I wasn’t able to go bowling.


Memorial Union socks


The campus community is invited to celebrate the Memorial Union at a grand opening ceremony starting at noon this Thursday (May 18). Start with a ribbon-cutting on the North Courtyard emceed by ASUCD President Josh Dalavai, then watch student music and dance groups perform on the South Patio.

Students can earn a free pair of commemorative Memorial Union socks and enter to win prizes by playing "bingo." Pick up a card at the Information Desk, and visit the Memorial Union and Lower Freeborn Hall tenants listed on the card to receive a stamp. One completed row will earn the player a pair of socks, while completing every square on the card will earn an entry in a raffle to win an Amazon Fire tablet, a GoPro, Bluetooth headphones, gift cards and more.

When I found out the remodel was finished and they were reopening the Memorial Union on May 1, I was so excited! I had never been inside before, so it was all going to be new to me.

Finally I was able to check it out. The new building is so nice inside and outside. I like the study lounge in the middle because it is so spacious, and students can come study by themselves or in big groups. One of my favorite parts is the Market, because it has all my favorite snacks, like a variety of chips and chocolates. I like that you don’t have to buy a whole package because they sell individual chocolates. It even has international candy — they sell spicy Mexican candy, which is my favorite! It is definitely something different from what the Silo and the CoHo offer.

I love that they have a computer lab on the second floor right by the stairs because it is so convenient to just go there and print without having to go too far to another building. When I went I was also able to get my new Aggie Card from their new office on the second floor.

Finally, I went with my friends to the bowling alley. The games area is very nice — it’s a very convenient distraction from midterms, or all the stress from class. When I went it was very busy; there were so many students at the pool tables, and some playing the giant Jenga. It seems like everyone is enjoying it and happy that it is now open again.

I can’t wait for the Center for Chicanx and Latinx Academic Student Success to finally move to the MU (it will move to the second floor over the summer, reopening this fall). I am really enjoying the new Memorial Union — it is just very nice. I think it is going to be my new favorite spot to study.

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