Folks taking care of business Monday morning got more of an outdoor adventure than they bargained for as snow made a rare visit to campus.

Officially, according to the National Weather Service, the Davis area got just a "trace" of snow, while Woodland and Winters recorded more than a half-inch of the white stuff. As close by as Petaluma, officials closed schools, but UC Davis employees and students had no such reprieve.

Through the wintry weather, cyclists still crossed campus intrepidly, but motorists and pedestrians moved a little slower on slippery and slushy streets and paths. But those forced to stay put on the chilly morning perhaps had the biggest challlenge.

Below, students Josh Nielsen, Bryna Donnells and Katie Goldman, pictured below, joined dozens of other students in camping outside near the Silo so they could reserve their places in a popular emergency-medicine training course offered twice a year by Outdoor Adventures.

Some students had been camping out since Sunday at noon, sleeping in tents or just their sleeping bags.

By the time sign-ups began later that morning, the snow had melted and clouds had given way to a sunny day.

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