Silo-Area Project to Add Food Service Inside and Out

A contractor has to go-ahead to start work Monday (May 2) on a project to provide additional food service facilities in the Silo Union area, inside and outside.

 Food truck project in relation to the Silo
Food truck project sits east of the Silo.

The first phase will be inside South Silo, specifically its east wing, where a majority of the building will be converted to a convenience store and pizza and sandwich sales (replacing offices and a small bookstore). 

After spring quarter, the contractor can start on the exterior part of the project, building a driveway for four food trucks on the west side of the Bike Barn, and erecting two large shelters for diners. The trucks will park alongside those shelters. Today, the Silo area hosts two food trucks each day — and there is no shelter for diners around those trucks.

The project is due for completion around March. Funding for the $5.2 million project is from Student Housing, Campus Recreation and Unions, and Student Affairs.

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