Salary increase set for Oct. 1

The University of California has set its annual salary range adjustments for academic and staff employees following the adoption of the 2001-2002 state budget.

A downturn in projected state revenues resulted in the UC system receiving a smaller share of the state budget than was expected. The state-UC partnership agreement specifies a 4 percent annual increase in the funds UC uses to cover fixed costs including employee salary increases, increased health benefit costs and inflationary price hikes. This year, UC's partnership funding for these expenditures was cut in half.

The state budget provides 2 percent funds for university staff salary increases, effective Oct. 1. On that day, employees whose documented performance is satisfactory or better will receive a 2 percent salary increase, according to Associate Vice Chancellor Dennis Shimek.

Senior campus management salary increases will be granted following the same guidelines that apply to staff, Shimek said in a letter to campus employees. Salary increases for employees covered by union contracts will be subject to contract negotiations.

UC has sufficient funding for a .5 percent general range adjustment for UC academic employees this year. Later this month, the university will formally issue the new salary scales and post the scales on the web.

For more information, staff members can call Human Resources at 752-1872. Academic appointees may call the Office of the Provost at 752-2090.

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