The following is a sampling of new, top public sector award amounts funded for this year in each college, school or division and listed by principal investigator and the administering department.

  • College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

In the $241,000-$425,000 range:

Ito, Keith; Food Science and Technology — $425,000, California Department of Health Services - Health and Welfare, Laboratory Analysis, Research Work, Short-term Studies and Microbiological Consultation.

Medrano, Juan; Animal Science — $395,000, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, Identification of Modifier Genes Affecting Growth and Body Composition.

Rice, Kevin; Agronomy and Range Science — $380,000, U.S. Department of Agriculture - Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, After the Bottleneck: The Role of Quantitative Trait Mutation and Environmental Maternal Effects in the Adaptive Spread of an Invasive Plant.

Parrella, Michael; Entomology — $345,000, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture - Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, The Development of a New Diagnostic Key for the Identification for Pest Thrips of Potential Threat of Importation on Plant Material.

McCoy, Michael; Environmental Science and Policy — $334,000, California Dept. of Fish and Game, Delta/Coast Range Vegetation: Research and Testing of Mapping Efficiency.

Engilis, Andrew; Wildlife, Fish and Con-servation Biology — $294,000, California Dept. of Water Resources, Yolo Bypass Riparian Surveys.

Anastasio, Cort; Land, Air and Water Resources — $269,000, National Science Foun-dation, Photochemical Formation of Oxidants and Destruction of Organic Compounds in the Snowpack at Summit, Greenland.

Dahlgren, Randy; Land, Air and Water Resources — $262,000, University of the Pacific, Monitoring/Investigations of the San Joaquin Riv-er and Tributaries Related to Dissolved Oxygen.

Hwang, Daniel; Nutrition — $241,000, NIH - National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases , Host Defense Against Infection and Dietary Fatty Acids.

  • College of Biological Sciences

In the $270,000-$635,000 range:

Wise, Phyllis, Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior — $635,000, NIH - National Center Research Resources, Animal Research Facility Improvements.

Yamoah, Ebenezer; Center for Neurosci-ence — $454,000, NIH - National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, Potassium Homeostasis in the Inner Ear.

Wainwright, Peter; Evolution and Ecol-ogy — $441,000, National Science Foundation, Biomechanics of Suction Feeding in Teleost Fish.

Moyle, Leonie; Evolution and Ecology — $402,000, National Science Foundation, Comparative Genomics of Hybrid Incompatibility in Lycopersicon.

Kowalczykowski, Stephen; Microbiology — $380,000, NIH - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Mechanistic Studies of Genetic Recombination.

Stahlberg, Henning; Molecular and Cellular Biology — $331,000, National Science Foundation, Creation of a Highly Automated, User-friendly Image Processing System for Electron Crystallography.

Ranganath, Charan; Center for Neuroscience — $296,000, NIH - National Institute of Mental Health, Fractionating Prefrontal Contributions to Memory.

Begun, David; Evolution and Ecology — $270,000, NIH - National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Natural Variation in Drosophila Female Post Mating Traits.

  • School of Education

In the $16,000-$20,000 range:

Gandara, Patricia; Education — $20,000, UC Office of the President, Proposal to Evaluate Educational Programs for the Mexican Institute of the Exterior.

Trexler, Cary; Education — $16,000, Cornell University, Good Agricultural Prac-tices Network for Education and Training.

  • College of Engineering

In the $150,000 - $947,000 range:

Kutter, Bruce; Civil and Environmental Engineering — $947,000, Network for Earth-quake Engineering Simulation Consortium, Oper-ation/Maintenance of Equipment Site at UC Davis.

Giles, Durhan; Biological and Agricultural Engineering — $463,000, U.S. Department of Agriculture - Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service, Mitigation of Dust Generation from Nut Harvesting Operations.

Liu, Xin; Computer Science — $400,000, National Science Foundation, Smart-Radio-Technology-Enabled Opportunistic Spectrum Utilization.

Yoo, Sung-Joo; Electrical/Computer Eng. — $250,000, DA/Army Miscellaneous Bases and Agencies, Nanofabrication for Advanced Optoelectronics: Ultralow Power Wavelength Converters, Ultra-Compact Room Temperature.

Kleeman, Michael; Civil and Environmen-tal Engineering — $249,000, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Trend and Technology Change Impacts on Future Air Pollution.

Loge, Frank; Civil and Environmental Engineering — $200,000, National Science Foundation, A Novel EBM Process Utilizing Renewable Biopolymers to Manufacture Natural Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites.

Baldis, Hector; Applied Science — $196,000, Dept. of Energy - Miscellaneous Offices and Programs, Laser Plasma Interactions in High Energy Density Plasmas.

  • Letters and Science: Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies

In the $5,000-$74,000 range:

Munir, Zuhair; Second Language Acqui-sition Institute — $74,000, Lawrence Liver-more National Laboratory, Laser Plasma Interac-tions and Laser Propagation in Hot Hohlraums.

Flores-Ortiz, Yvette; Chicano Studies — $11,000, UC Mexus, On the Other Side: An Educational Radio Production for Mexican Migrants on Both Sides of the Border.

Van Den Abbeele, Georges; Humanities Institute — $5,000, California Council for the Humanities, Angel Island Oral History Project.

  • Letters and Science: Mathematical and Physical Sciences

In the $71,000-$500,000 range:

Britt, R. David; Chemistry — $500,000, NIH - Miscellaneous Agencies/Departments, Multifrequency EPR/ENDOR Spectrometer.

Tantillo, Dean; Chemistry — $287,000, National Science Foundation, Reactive Inter-mediate Promoted Polycyclization Reaction.

Britt, R. David; Chemistry — $271,000, NIH - Miscellaneous Agencies and Departments, EPR Studies of Biological PCET Elements.

Mascal, Mark; Chemistry — $162,000, National Science Foundation, Convex Poly-cycles-Synthesis in the Azatriquinane Series.

Gregg, Michael; Physics — $123,000, Association of Universities for Research Astronomy, Resolving the Red Giant Population in Early Type Galaxies.

Zieve, Rena; Physics — $115,000, National Science Foundation, Uniaxial Pressure Measurements Near Quantum Criticality.

Rustad, James; Geology — $79,000, Department of Energy - Chicago Field Office, How Do Interfacial Phenomena Control Nanoparticle Structures?

Lubin, Lori; Physics — $71,000, NASA, Components of Galaxy Clusters at High Redshift.

  • Letters and Science: Social Sciences

In the $55,000-$100,000 range:

Herek, Gregory; Psychology — $100,000, UC Universitywide AIDS Research Program, The Experience of Stigma in Persons with HIV/AIDS.

Mendoza, Sally; Psychology — $75,000, UC San Diego, The VETSA Longitudinal Twin Study of Cortisol and Aging

Taylor, Alan; History — $55,000, Yolo County, Teaching American History: Building Historical Literacy: Reading, Thinking and Writing in American History.

  • School of Medicine

In the $328,000 - $565,000 range:

Kung, Hsing-Jien; Cancer Center Admin-istration — $565,000, DA Army Medical Research and Material Command, Characterization of an Androgen-induced and Activated Protein Kinase.

Wu, Reen; Internal Medicine: Pulmonary Medicine — $341,000, NIH - National Insti-tute of Heart, Lung and Blood, IL-17 Mediated MUC Gene Expression in Airway Epithelium.

Yuan, Sarah; Surgery — $328,000, NIH - National Inst. of Heart, Lung and Blood, Micro-vascular Barrier Dysfunction in Thermal Trauma.

  • School of Veterinary Medicine

In the $214,000-$400,000 range:

Gillespie, John; Western Institute for Food Safety and Security — $400,000, California Department of Food and Agriculture, Agro-Terrrorism Prevention: Critical Food Supply Infrastructure Identification, Systems Analysis, Threat Assessment and Protection.

Barry, Peter; Center for Comparative Medicine — $375,000, NIH - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Evaluation of Protective DMV Vaccines in Rhesus Macaques.

Cortopassi, Gino; Molecular Biosciences — $290,000, NIH - National Institute of Aging, Friedriech's Ataxia, Mitochondria and Cell Death.

Van Winkle, Laura; Anatomy, Physiology and Cell Biology — $250,000, NIH - National Inst. of Environmental Health Sciences, Gonadal vs. Genomic Influences on Xenobiotic Metabolism.

North, Thomas; Center for Comparative Medicine — $214,000, NIH - National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, A Monkey Model for Anti-Cytomegalovirus Therapy.

  • Office of Research New Awards

In the $95,000-$541,000 range:

Smith, Gary; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility — $541,000, National Science Foundation, Acquisition of a 600 MHz NMR Spectrometer.

Ustin, Susan; CalSpace Center for Excellence — $334,000, Cal RA/Miscellaneous Agencies, CERES/CalSpace Fiscal Year 2004/2005 Work Plan.

Sperling, Dan; Institute of Transportation Studies — $250,000, California Environmental Protection Agency - Integrated Waste Management Board, Innovative Tire Technology, Evaluation and Demonstration Project.

Gaylord, Brian; Bodega Marine Laboratory — $215,000, National Science Foundation, Mechanical Consequences of Flexibility for Benthic Marine Organisms.

Navrotsky, Alexandra; Nanomaterials in the Environment, Agriculture and Technology — $120,000, National Science Foundation, U.S.-German Materials Collaboration: Unusual Stability of Amorphous Polymer-Derived Ceramics at High Temperatures.

Cherr, Gary; Bodega Marine Laboratory — $95,000, DA Army Engineers/San Francisco District, Corps. of, Impacts of Suspended Sediments in San Francisco Bay on the Viability of Pacific Herring Early Life Stages.

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