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Renewable energy forums part of Energy Week

By Susanne Rockwell on April 23, 2010 in University News

Experts on renewable energy from throughout the University of California, public agencies and industry will gather at UC Davis May 10-12 as part of UC Davis’ Energy Week.

Early registration is due April 30, and student discounts are available.

Five forums are planned, one for each of the UC Renewable Energy Collaboratives: wind, solar, biomass, geothermal and integrated systems.

In each, presenters will address topics of energy efficiency, clean fuels and power, environmental implications and transformation to a sustainable energy system.

Forum participants will be able to meet and talk with academic, governmental and corporate leaders in sustainable energy development and policy.

California Wind Energy Forum

Monday, May 10: The morning session will provide perspectives from utilities and regulators about the anticipated growth and challenges of wind energy in the state. The afternoon session will focus on research activities aimed at advancing technology to improve wind plant operation and performance. Experts from national labs and California universities will share their findings and insights. Time will be reserved to network and discuss opportunities in wind power with industry representatives, business owners, government officials, educators and experts.

California Geothermal Forum

Monday, May 10: Experts will discuss the evolving California energy and environmental landscape, including California state programs and greenhouse-gas goals. Community-scale geothermal efforts will also be a topic, including distributed generation, hybrid applications and incentives.

California Biomass Forum

Monday-Tuesday, May 10-11: Topics will include new directives, state mandates and the Bioenergy Interagency Working Group's new Bioenergy Action Plan; sustainability standards for agricultural and forest biomass use; and best uses, appropriate policies and definitions for urban-derived biomass and food processing wastes.

California Solar Workshop

Tuesday, May 11: The workshop will offer an overview of current policy and regulatory issues; sustainability influence on environmental and social benefits from the use of solar; existing solar research and technology developments; environmental and social goals while advancing the objectives defined in the solar roadmap; market trends and growth patterns; and current or possible future incentives for the use of solar resources.

Integrated Renewable Energy Systems Forum

Wednesday, May 12: The forum’s morning session will address topics of integrating alternative energy sources, considering various technologies, resource accessibility, deployment and grid integration. Afternoon presentations will address renewable, energy-secure buildings and communities. 

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